Courses offered and their Short description

Starting from Scratch : SFS 01

Tajweed Made Easy (Part 1) : TME 01

Tajweed Made Easy (Part 2) : TME 02


E Test Course

Jam Packed June with Shaykh Furqan Jabbar

Sister Zohra Sarwari: How to Deal with Difficult People

Riba Buster - Introduction to Islamic Finance (RB 101)

Softening of the Hearts

No Doubt - Conveying Islam with Compassion and Reason (DHD 100)

Fundamentals of Islamic Studies (offline)

The Seven Gems: Conquer Your Duniya and Aakhirah

Arabic Speech Simplified! (ARS 100)

5 Pillars of Marriage

Islamization of Education in Muslim Schools and Homes

Islamization of education

Group Test

Al-Muminaat: Re-writing the Female Legacy with our Glorious Past