IOU is now accepting Zakaah donations, to help cover the running costs of the IOU which is offering free diploma courses to over 108,000 students from 223 countries globally.

The fatawaa and evidences on which this decision is based may be seen below

Arabic Version

English Translation

Donors are requested to send an email to when they send the donation so that we can confirm that it has been received.

Alhamdulillah, we have our primary bank account in The Gambia now which accepts fees/donations in US dollars. Please note all the details of the bank account below for smooth transfer. Apart from the wire transfer, netbanking is also possible for those who have the option of international outward remittance facility available through their account.

Beneficiary Bank Details

Beneficiary Bank : GUARANTY TRUST BANK (Gambia) LIMITED
Swift Code : GTBGGMGM
Beneficiary's Bank A/C No : 04454245 (for USD)
Beneficiary Bank Address : Banjul, The Gambia

Final Beneficiary

Beneficiary A/C Details
Beneficiary's name : Islamic Online University Co Ltd.
Beneficiary account number : 207-402723-210
Beneficiary Physical Address : 2nd Floor, Microtech Building 122
Kombo Sillah Drive Tallinding, K.S.M.D
The Gambia.
Currency Type : US Dollar

Additional Info

Intermediary or Corresponding Bank Details
Intermediary Bank : DEUTSCHE BANK USA
Intermediary Bank Swift Code : BKTRUS33
Fed Wire Routing Code : 021001033
Intermediary Bank Address : Deutsche Bank Trust Company
New York, NY

Once the donation is made, please email us with details at