About the Counselor

Ershad Hassan holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Walden University, USA and a Bachelor degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Northern British Columbia, Canada. In addition, she is a member of the BC Association of Clinical Counselors in British Columbia.

Sr. Ershad has worked as a community advocate, settlement & frontline worker, grief and trauma counselor, domestic violence therapist and childhood violence counselor at an NGO in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. She has also provided support services to new immigrants and refugees coming from various war-torn-countries in Africa, Europe, and the Middle Eastern region

Twice she has developed and overseen an award-winning group - counseling based program for children and youth that served over 800 children between the ages of 3-17 years old. She continues to deliver workshops on settlement and on working with traumatized refugee clients. Ershad possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience as a counselor (especially as a trauma counselor), and has training in different counseling/therapy modalities like Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) for veterans and civilians, and narrative therapy, and is trained in play therapy for children.

What she brings to her therapy sessions is a think-outside-the-box counseling approach that uses clinically tested and evidence-based interventions. She also, incorporates an Islamic counseling perspective (when working with Muslim clients) into her counseling approach. She regularly attends workshops for professional development.

Ershad is a world traveler and pioneer. She was the first African woman to visit the village of Uchuga in Yakutsk State in Siberia, gaining firsthand knowledge of the people and culture of Russia’s Far East.

Ershad is currently working with the IOU as a Clinical Counselor and she leads the Muslim Youth Counseling which is a voluntary service provided under Solace.

(Tahsin) Floyd Orr started an addiction recovery coaching program called Muslim Sober Companion in 2012. It's a unique method of recovery that combines addiction consulting, life coaching and Islamic principles with the option of being conducted one-on-one at the client’s home or by phone. He is passionate about helping Muslims with their addiction recovery, gleaning from his life experiences in personal development and overcoming adversity. He loves working with different types of people and strives to follow the Quran and Sunnah. Muslim Sober Companion is an international service offered to anyone in the world and is based in Florida, USA.

He has completed an addiction coaching recovery support program and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Islamic Psychology. He has studied Islam abroad and domestically, and continues to update his skill set with ongoing learning and the hands on experience that comes from working directly with Muslims and non-Muslims alike that struggle with addiction related issues.

Tahsin has lectured on Islam in mosques and schools. He has a history of working with Muslim youth. He is also an active person who loves the outdoors, foraging for wild plants, fishing, biking and the martial arts.