Eternal Bond: Marital Lessons from 40 Prophetic Traditions


What should one look for in an ideal spouse?

Is there any such thing as ideal spouse in the first place?

How can we instill Islamic values in modern times while dealing with the entire concept of nikkah?

Do we have particular sayings of our Prophet (peace be upon him) which can be taken as a guideline while getting married?


To answer all these questions and more, Islamic Online University presents Eternal Bond by Sh. Yusuf Gasseip.


What you get to learn?

10 selected hadeeth from the chapter of Nikah in every session over 4 sessions.

A total of 40 Hadeeth regarding marriage will be covered.


What will be covered?

Session 1:

Introduction to the chapter with general discussion on the Prophet’s attitude towards marriage

Session 2:

The chapter of encouraging marriage

Marrying young to the old

Session 3:

The Chapter on who to marry

The chapter on your mothers who breastfed you

Session 4:

Issues on breastfeeding continued

A woman offering herself to a pious man

Session 5:

Looking at the potential bride


The aim of this course:


Why you should attend this course?

We are living in times of great fitna, where our youth are confused about where and how to inculcate Islamic principles in their day-to-day dealings with people around them. With extensive free mixing viewed as being “secular” or “modern”, our youth often forget to understand the gravity of the sin being committed. This course will not only help the youth get rid of falling into such temptation, but will also empower them with rightful knowledge.


This course is designed to help you understand the correct concept of nikkah by choosing a partner Islamically.


You will also learn the historical happenings in the married life of the Prophet (peace be upon him), to help you get a better idea of how the entire process of getting and staying married works within the Islamic framework.

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