Al MUMINAAT: Rewriting the female legacy, with our glorious past


In this ground-breaking series of lectures, sister Alima Ashfaq discusses believing women in Islamic history, and tackles the issues surrounding Muslim women in contemporary times.


This series is essential listening for all Muslims and students of Islamic knowledge, and through these lecture the students will gain an appreciation of the female legacy, and gain an understanding of the factors which lead to its decline.


The aims of the course:

This course aims at making you comprehend the status of women during the pre-Islamic eras, the evolution brought by Islam and the challenges facing Muslim women in the contemporary society. This shall be achieved by:


  1. Understanding the state of women in pre-Islamic Arabia, religions and civilisations around the world.

  2. Developing an authentic understanding of the effect Islam had on women.

  3. Gain a practical insight into the lives of the women in Islamic history and how Islam transformed their lives.

  4. Learn examples of women who excelled in secular and Islamic sciences.

  5. Give a historical timeline of the factors which lead to their growth, as well as their decline.

  6. Discuss the introduction of feminism into the Muslim world.

  7. Discuss the roles and responsibilities of men and women, and a contextual overview on the strengths of a society, and the factors which helped them fulfil them.

  8. Give practical guidelines on how to women can revive their legacy, from a personal, and societal perspective.

  9. Discuss controversial hadith on women, and solve the controversies.


You would not have successfully completed this course until you are able to:

  1. Identify how women were treated during pre-Islamic Arabia

  2. Explain the evolutionary impact of Islam on the status of women.

  3. Compare women's status across ages and religions.

  4. Clarify the misconceptions about the Muslim women.

  5. State rights granted women by Islam.

  6. Name countless examples of dynamic women throughout Islamic history.

  7. Discuss the concept of gender equality in Islam.

  8. Explain the facts and farce of feminism.

  9. Discuss challenges confronting Muslim women.

Discuss the controversial hadith surrounding Muslim women with confidence and knowledge.


Why should you attend?

  1. Your relationship with Allah (swt) will be strengthened by gaining a deeper understanding of how He has truly liberated women.

  2. You will gain a deep understanding of Muslim women, within Islamic history, and be able to tackle internal and external misconceptions, which will also strengthen your faith.

  3. Equip yourself with the tools to comprehensively, and intellectually deal with discussions related to Muslim women with colleagues, and family members.

  4. Learn how to deal with controversial hadith, and learn how to answer them effectively.


What you get





"I was undecided whether I should attend the lecture, however after sister Alima started speaking, I knew I'd made the right decision. She advised us to prioritise the Hereafter, and I was touched. I thank Allah for blessing me with the opportunity to attend. I found exactly what I was searching for. Alhamdulillah." Amaira Nacheazhar, UK.


"I really enjoyed the fact that it was an interactive talk and given by the sister in a very calm manner. Sister Alima is a very confident speaker and it was informative mashaAllah." Spohmai Durrani, UK.


"MasyaAllah, the talk made me want to do more for my community, and insyaAllah be a better muslimah. I loved your lecture. A very good speaker masyaAllah. May Allah reward you abundantly. JazakAllahu khair." UK.


"MashaAllah it was a great talk, and inspired me to be a role model in my community." Uzma Shabir, UK.


"Amazing! I could to a lot of things that were said in my personal life. Also, I realised how important it is to have a purpose in your life, and help others, because the smallest thing could make the biggest difference." Faiza Akhtar, UK.


"MashaAllah this lecture was truly inspiring and has made think of all the differences one can make as a sister." Farah Yasmin Hussain, UK.


"Refreshingly beautiful workshop. I feel revived as a Muslim woman. We need more female speakers and tours like this to educate Muslim women who they are, their role models, what they stand for, and what they should aim for." Maliha Parvez, UK.


"MashaaAllah it was very good! And motivational to Muslim sisters, may Allah reward sister Alima, she is the first female speaker I've ever heard. INSPIRED!" UK.

"The talk was inspiring and it would be good to hear more about womens issues and solutions. I wish it could be an on-going course! I really enjoyed that the talk touched upon problems faced by sisters in this day and age, that we don't discuss, or address, and provide solutions for. Thank you." Shamim Akhtar, UK


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