Date : 11-Jul-2013

 Dr. Bilal had the opportunity to meet with the President of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohammed Mohamoud (Silanyo), as well as other officials during his visit, among them the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Mrs. Samsam Abdi Adam and others.

Dr. Bilal thanked the president for the license from his government and the recognition given to IOU. The president welcomed Dr. Bilal and promised that his government would work with IOU and future collaboration between his government and IOU was also discussed.

Dr. Bilal thanked the MOE for the accreditation of IOU and explained IOU and its educational approaches. The minister welcomed Dr. Bilal and thanked him for his visit to Somaliland. Officials asked Dr. Bilal if IOU could help their consultants with their curricula and  Shaikh Bilal replied affirmatively. Finally Dr Bilal presented a certificate of appreciation and a copy of the Holy Quran to the president. 

Both meetings were concluded to the delight of all and the parties promised further collaboration on various platforms, in sha Allah.


From LEFT: Barkhad Jama-Advisor of Social Affairs,President Ahmad Mohammad Mohamoud,Dr. Bilal Philips - IOU Chancellor,Sh.Khalil Abdillahi Adam-Minister of Religious Affairs

 From the LEFT:

Barkhad Jama Hersi, Advisor of Social Affairs; President of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohammed Mohamoud (Silanyo); Dr. Bilal Philips - IOU Chancellor; Xamse Mustafe, IOU Team; Sh. Khalil Abdillahi Adam, Minister of Religious Affairs; Ahmed Safiina-Ambassador of Somaliland in the Hajj; Br. Saeed, IOU East Africa Representative.

From the LEFT: 
President of Somaliland; Dr. Bilal Philips - IOU Chancellor; Barkhad Jama Hersi, Advisor of the President in Social Affairs; IOU East Africa Representative, Brother Saeed shaking the president's hand.