IOU Office in Somaliland.

Date : 14-Jul-2013

 IOU’s office in Somaliland is housed in an IT college, Pacific Professional College, which has offered its facilities for free to be accessed by IOU students. They even offer to give basic computer training to those who need it so that they can effectively study at IOU.
During Dr. Bilal’s visit to Somaliland, he visited the office where he received a warm welcome from the IOU committee and the school administration. He received a briefing about the IOU team in Somaliland concerning the office activities and the operations of the Pacific Professional College from brother Mohammed Omer Guleid, the principal of the school.

The management of the college announced that they will help IOU students concerning their educational performance by enhancing their skills in computer basics and proficiency. They also stated that their school hall is open for IOU students and the student committee anytime for meetings.

Dr. Bilal thanked them and appreciated their efforts and for being a part of the process of “changing the nation through education”.