Dr. Bilal and Shaykh Mutahhir on the Deen Show!

Date : 25-Feb-2016

We, at the Islamic Online University, are extremely happy and humbled to share an amazing news with you! Dr. Bilal Philips and Sh. Mutahhir Sabree (IOU's USA Representative) had the honor of being at The Deen Show by Eddie, alhamdulillah!

It was a wonderful opportunity for IOU as both Dr. Bilal Philips and Sh. Mutahhir highlighted the importance of seeking Islamic education to better our future and the future of the ummah, thereby putting an end to the association of extremism with Islam. Furthermore, IOU's role in the noble mission of changing the nation through education was accentuated brilliantly. 

This, and many more interesting moments at the Deen Show with Eddie and IOU, waiting just for you! Click here to watch now!