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The IOU joins The Talloires Network

In its quest to change our nation through education by raising a generation of individuals aware of their social duties towards their communities, the Islamic Online University has joined the Talloires Network, which is an international association of institutions committed to strengthening the civic roles and social responsibilities of higher education. The Talloires Network is a global coalition of 315 universities in 72 countries with a combined enrollment of over 6 million students. 

General Benefits of the Talloires Network Member Institutions:
  • Eligibility to apply for the annual MacJannet Prize, which provides monetary awards and public recognition for innovative and effective university civic engagement programs
  • Connections to peers (administrators, staff, faculty, and students) at institutions around the world who have similar interests in civic engagement
  • Opportunities for joint initiatives, including institutional partnerships and regional conferences
  • Access to a shared global platform, through the Talloires Network’s website, monthly newsletter, and other communication tools to increase the visibility of the Islamic Online University’s civic engagement work
  • Access to expertise on civic engagement through online toolkits and resources
  • Announcements of opportunities that may be of interest to the Islamic Online University, such as grant opportunities and regional conferences

Benefits for the Students:

  • Access to information on civic engagement and experiential learning, which builds critical thinking skills, leadership skills, and a sense of social responsibility
  • Platform for student voices and framework for more communication with other stakeholders than might be possible inside a single institution

    The Islamic Online University is committed towards its civic engagement and realizes that universities should play a major role in creating a generation of individuals who are aware of their social responsibilities and would benefit their communities as responsible citizens. The IOU's civic engagement activities' summary and membership status can be verified here

    The Islamic Online University Civic Engagement Report (August 2015) may be viewed here.