Associate of Science in Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance (AIBE)

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The Islamic Online University presents Associate of Science in Islamic Banking and Economics. This Associate of Science aims to enhance existing knowledge in banking and economics from an Islamic perspective. The qualification will enable you to enter the field of Islamic banking, improve job prospects for those already in this field, and provide opportunity for further study.

“Allah has permitted trade and has forbidden interest.” (Qur’an, 2:275)

Conventional banking is filled with interest based transactions, unlawful bank contracts and investments. Many countries have recently seen a rise in demand for Islamic banking services as Muslims are slowly waking up turning back to Allah. It is also a very appealing option to non-Muslims who are not satisfied with the Western banking system.

Analysts expect that at the current rate of expansion, in the next 8 to 10 years the Islamic banking network in the UAE will overtake the conventional banking system.

Job opportunities within the Islamic banking field are also on the rise. While the Middle East still offers growth opportunities there is big potential for growth in countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, and countries from North Africa and Central Asia which have a substantial Muslim population.

Course Overview

AQD 101Aqeedah 101
ETH 101Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge 101
FQH 101Fiqh 101
BSA 101Islamic Management 101
ECM 103Principles of Economics (Macro and Micro)
ECM 104Principles of Accounting
FQH 201Fiqh 201
ECM 101Islamic Economics 101
ECM 102Money and Banking
ECM 105Financial Management (Prerequisite: Principles of Accounting (ECM 104))
ECM 106Intro to Islamic Finance
EDU 105Professional Development
ARB 101Arabic 101
FQH 202Fiqh 202
FQH 401Fiqh 401
ECM 201Managerial Accounting
ECM 203Managerial Economics
ECM 204Islamic Capital Markets (Prerequisite: Financial Management (ECM 105))
ARB 102Arabic 102 (Prerequisite: Arabic 101)
HAD 102Hadeeth 102
CVN 101Islamic Civilization 101
ECM 202Investment and Financial Statement Analysis
ECM 205Risk Management
ECM 206International Monetary Economics

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