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Hi Dr. Philips, My full name is Ismail Elouatiq and I'm from Morocco. I am study the second year baccalaureate letter. I recently heard about IOU from the internet , and I really like that it provides a means of learning Islamic sciences online without need for travelling overses or to immigrate to study . This is the most important point which makes this university the best. One other point: the courses are absolutely free and this courses are realy useful and very important to know in our relegion. I thank you so much, in particular Dr. Philips, who is the founder and the establisher of this great university and I thank also the staff who play a role to establish this university.

ismail elouatiq

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, The first thing that comes to my mind is the hadith of the Nabi of Allah(SAW): "If Allah wants to do good for a person, he makes him understand the religion " Brothers and Sisters. May Allah reward anyone who has helped in the opening of the IOU. May Allah reward all our Teachers. I have really benefited from them. I always wanted to learn Tajweed and other sciences of Islam. Masha Allah through the live sessions provided I have had the opportunity to better my Qur'anic recitation and learn more about the religion of Islam. Abdulmalik Yusuf Double Major in Chemistry and Environmental Engineering 4th semester Fatih University,Istanbul 2nd semester IOU.

Abdulmalik Yusuf

bismillah irRohman irRohim..... assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Ya Allah this letter is for you. Alhumdulillah Ya Allah, you give me this new life, you GIVE me a chance to be a good Muslim and person. Thank you so much Ya Allah. Ya Allah you see everything. My situation, also I do not yet have much knowledge about Islam because you know Allah my situation very well. Ya Allah around me are many things I see but very few are good. Ya Allah please help me, give me your mercy and many blessings. You know I do not yet have a job and my wife is working hard but still we do not have nice things. How hard she works alone and all our money is gone, we haven't made a good home yet, and still my mom is alone in India. I promised my mother we would bring her here with us, by your permission. Ya Allah, answer my prayer and make me stronger in Islam. You know Allah, how much I try and yet I am still confused. Please, Allah help me to make my dreams come true. Your slave and worshipper, Ahmad Amit Kumar.. (Pisangan Baru Utara, Rt 006 / Rw 012, no. 36, Jakarta Timur, Indonesia) +6281932140008 ALLAH HU AKBAR

ahmad amit kumar

Sallamu Allaikum, My name is Samira and I live in NY. I am a mother, a wife, and a full time nurse. I just want to say a million thanks to all the team members who made IOU possibe. May The Almighty Allah (SWT) reward you for this great gift to thousands (FIFTY THOUSAND AND COUNTING) of Muslims around the globe. I have been searching for a program like this for a long time and just came across IOU few months ago. I just registered to take the first semester of BAIS program and I am very excited and can't wait to start. May Allah make it easy for us all. See you in class, brothers and sisters. JazakAllahu Khairan!

Samira Jibril

The university of the time....Nothing to say above good work done for ages to come.


Asalam Aleykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu, Thank you IOU for providing us with the opportunity to study Islam from the comfort of our homes yet globally and making it the first tuition-free BA program in the world! May Allah Subhana wa Ta'aala accept our efforts in increasing our knowledge in Islam, act accordingly and further teach others to benefit as well. Ameen. I just finished my first semester of the BAIS program, and I am looking forward to the following semesters for the coming years INSHA'ALLAH!!

Fatima Ali

Salaam Alaikum wa Ramutallahi wa Barakatuh, I came upon the Diploma Course of The Islamic Online University about three months ago.I was looking for low cost Islamic education because I live too far from my masjid to attend classes during the week. Alhamdullilah,not only am I getting correct information,but in a way that is easy to understand for a new revert such as myself. And its free, subhan'Allaah. I really enjoy the classes, and it has helped my practice of Islam immensely.I have recommended this university to all my sisters both born Muslim and revert.

Carrie Johnson

I just love studying from the works of Dr. Bilal Philips! His great sense of humour makes everything more pleasant. His jokes help to remember better and stay focused in the material. May Allah preserve him. I made a start on the dawah course. I haven't finished it yet, though it inspired me so much to go and talk to non-believers, since thecurrent atmosphere in Europe focuses on so much hatred to us that you try to avoid the non-believers. But now masha'Allah I see it in a different way. Definitely worth the donations!


Assalamu Alaikum, I found IOU today and I am very happy. Over the last few days, I have been looking for an online course to assist me in increasing my eeman. I enrolled in the diploma course and I just spent 2 hours on IIS 011. Alhamdulillah, I am learning a lot. My biggest fear is not being able to complete the course. I ask everyone that comes across this to make a dua on my behalf. May Allah bless Dr. Bilal Phillips and his colleagues for providing this opportunity for Muslims worldwide. May Allah preserve IOU and continue to strenghten it.


Asalam o alikum warahmatullah Brothers and Sisters, May Peace and Blessings of God be on you. The IOU is a center for free Islamic learning and I would like to advise every Muslim brother and sister to join IOU BAIS program, as it is a very good way to start learning Islamic studies.

said isse

Asalaamu Alaykum brothers and sisters. I have dreamed a lot to learn Isalamic studies but it didn't come to reality until a few days ago when Dr. Bilal Philips came to my country and we met face to face. Alhamdulilah it was a great opportunity. He gave us an influencing lecture and news about this Islamic Online University. I have started my first free course and Insha Allah I wish to complete my first Diploma in Islamic studies together with my first BA in Information Technology at the University Of Hargeisa in Somaliland. I wish success and peace for all Muslim brothers and sisters where ever they are in the world.

Abdinasir Ahmed Jama

Asalamu Alaikum, This university is better than Oxford/Cambridge.I am 12 years old.


As-salamualaykum wa rahmatullah, My husband encouraged me to enrol for the Bachelor of Islamic Studies program. It took me months before I eventually looked into it and I am very impressed with the course structure. Alhamdulillah I'm doing the Diploma in Islamic Studies and recently started 'Foundations of Islamic Studies' which is very informative and clear. I can sit at home and insha'Allah gain a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend it to everyone of all ages especially women as the ummah is in dire need of female teachers and knowledgeable mothers. Please take this wonderful opportunity, it is absolutely free. Insha'Allah I'll enrol myself into the bachelor's program upon completion. May Allah reward Dr Bilal Philips and the IOU team and give them the resources and strength to continue their efforts. Salam.

Nurul Shahirah

As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatu Allaahi wa barakaatuhu! First of all thanks to Almighty Allah who brought together such Muslims among us to provide Islamic knowledge for all humankind all over the world freely. Nowadays because of growing of Western culture, human beings have become like a machine doing everything for money and himself only. After seeing IOU, I know that Alhamdulillah still there are Muslims who are working only for the sake of Allah, and conveying message of Allah as well as explaining complete system of life(Islam). May Almighty Allah bless all Muslims especially the founder and staff of IOU. Ameen.

Abdul Moqim Afghan

Assalamo alaikom warahmatullahi wa barakathuhu, I am a born Muslim but took a lot of time to even think about learning Islam or practicing it properly. I used to feel Islamic education was too far to reach or at least very difficult, until IOU came into my life. It is the easiest and best way to get authentic Islamic online education. If we can take other subjects to the "academic level" then why not Islam? I feel gaining this knowledge would be an obligation on every Muslim keeping in view the current situatian of Muslim Ummah. I was very hesistent with Tajweed fearing lack of understanding. It was not my cup of tea! Alhamdulillah. When Sheikh Uthman stepped in our Live sessions I found myself improving a lot both theoritically and in application of the rules. He was not only inspiring, urging us to pay attention to theory and making the sessions more interactive but also reminded us of sinceiry in acts of worship.I have found all the TAs and staff really helpful ,dedicated and knowledgable in their fields. Not to forget shk Appleby, Shk Ismail and shk Anwar and Shk Kamil. Really hard to pick the best--Masha'Allah all are equally good. May Allah reward all and give the whole IOU team success in this world and the hereafter ....bravo IOU "I Owe You"!


السّلام عليكم ورحمت اللّه وبركــاته It is a great thought and vision for Dr.Bilal and his colleagues to open up gates for Muslim Ummah to learn from. This website will benefit many Muslims who are currently on their careers to pursue at ease the knowledge of Islam and suit himself/herself in the religion and its propagation. Moreover many intellectuals will get the chance to correlate the 'Hikmah' of the Deen and career endeavors, courses like finance, business in the context of the deen are offered. Tanzanian youngsters are willing to join in huge numbers.Thanks to Shaykh Mohd Issa Otherwise I take the opportunity specially to thank AbuAmeenah and his team for the achievement. بـارك اللّه فيكم

Ali Munir Akrabi

Assalam o Alaiqum Allhumdullilah I am doing the diploma course and InshAllah after that I will go for BA course. JazakAllahu Khayran sir u are doing a great job inshallah may allah reward u n your whole team including the student all over the world in this world & hereafter . Just pray for me that InshAllah i will complete my course & follow the footsteps of our prophet & guide others too InshAllah Allah Hafiz Shabana Sayyad

shabana sayyad

I'm from India but I'm based in Oman since 1994. I'm an English language teacher and currently teach English for Medicine to medical and nursing students in the Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

Aisha Jawaid

Assalamu alaikum I am a mother. Today, children can not leave electronic media, especially the internet. I would really be glad if IOU could colour the children's minds with Islamic knowledge in a way that they will enjoy it and find it fun to study and understand Islam in a way their parents can teach their children with Islamic rules. Iwould be such a benefit. I will support this channel and am frateful because we still have Dr. bilal Philips who wants to change the ummah. Best Regards, Maya


I would like to say thank you to IOU university for the opportunity to study Islam. I became Muslim just a few months ago,thanks to Allah through my husband. I'm from the country Slovakia where people do not have any knowledge about Islam. I think it is very hard for Muslims to live here. I'm looking to start my BAIS on IOU and get more knowledge about my religion and spread its message to people here. Thank You. Patricia ( Slovakia)

Patricia Bodnarova