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IOU did an excellent job, to educate oneself for the pleasure of Allah you need not be in a big classroom. If you have time and dedication--direct from your pc in the kitchen, one can still be educated. TAQWA cannot be inherited but only through achievement . Excellent, Excellent work IOU

aishah hood

I am a Maldivian and my country is a 100% Sunni Muslim nation. Geographically we are living in hundreds of scattered tiny islands, in the Indian Ocean. The main mode of transport is by seas but not regularly established. This means that IOU is the best Islamic university for those confined in various islands yet looking forward to learn and widen the religion of Islam so that the majority will be benefited, thereby changes the nation. Sheikh, Dr Bilal Philips( May Allah preserve him), is well-known among Maldivians; however few, like me, only knows IOU. Al'hamdulillah! Now I have completed one-year in BAIS and Insha- Allah, I will complete the entire course. One of the unique features of BAIS which I have observed, is that it does not support for religious fanaticism but guides to learn and practice the Sunnah of the Prophet(s) in the light of authentic 'hadheeth', comments & views of the contemporary companions and early scholars. It tells us how to navigate between Madh-habs without being caught up. I believe that IOU has a very healthy and efficient team including TAs.I pray Allah for the progress and success of IOU. Finally. I will be more than happy to promote IOU in my country and elsewhere.Jazakallh-Khayran.

Hassan Ali Didi

First school Leaving Certificate, WAEC, NCE

Hafeez Bello Modibbo

Salaam. Though, I enrolled in your Diploma programme, and yet to complete the final exams, but already I've had series of lecture notes which were truly educating. In Islam, gaining more knowledge is necessary, so I want to say, 'I've learnt much through this programme, and therefore encourage other Muslim Brothers and Sisters to join the IOU to further their lessons on Islam. A big salute to Sheikh Bilal Philips for the initiative, the IOU team and all others who must have contributed to the success of the whole exercise. May Allah reward you richly.

Salisu Muhammad

I am a student of IOU.

Bushra Khaishagi

Assalmua'laikum warahmatullahi wabrakatahu, I was always in search of authentic Islamic knowledge, and Alhamdullilah, I came across IOU through one of Google SMS groups(yaa ALLAH). First it was diploma,then when I enrolled for BA, I was quite surprised with the amazing content, they have courses like Tajweed (i.e.) Quran recitation. And the best part of BA is it is virtually tuition free ! I have just completed my first semester, and it was intensely beneficial. This is indeed a great opportunity to us Muslims, to gain knowledge. Now let us not forget the hadith of our beloved Prophet(Sallahu Alaihi wassalam) "The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim." (Tirmidhi, Hadith 74 ) My dear brothers and sisters, IOU is an excellent place for knowledge, and, the convenience of accessing it from home, makes it ideal for most of us. Otherwise it would be impossible to have access to the most precious of all treasures(Knowledge). I'd definitely recommend IOU to every Muslim who's seeking knowledge.

Mohamed Faizal A.

Assalamu Aleikum Wa Rahmathullahi wa Barakathohu! I higly appreciate Dr. Bilal Philips and his team effort to educate the Muslim ummah about Oneness of Allaah SWA and pure creed of Islam. Most of us Muslims are struggling in the darkness not knowing the right path to take to achive our final goal "Jannath ul Firdaws". Though we are borne to Muslim parents, our knowledge about Islam is very very little if not "Zero". It is a light from Allaah SWA that he sent Dr.Bilal Philip to rescue this Muslim ummah who are stumbling in darkness and to give light to them through Islamic knowledge. To achieve this, what Dr.Bilal and his team is doing for Islam is highly appreciated not only by me but also all Muslims around the world. May Allaah SWA strenghten the hands of Dr.Bilal as well as his team to educate Muslims about Islam and May Allah guide all of us to increase our Eemaan and follow correct path and enter "Jannat ul Firdaws". Aameen! Aameen!! Aameen!!! Mohmmed Azmath Anver

Mohammed Azmath Anver

I would like to be a part of this great university & can devote my time in spreading the true religion.

jehangir Rasool

Satisfying Allah Subhanalla-hu-wa-ta’ala by following Holy Quran and Sunnah is the main Jihad of my life. I think by engaging this type of team it will be helpful for me to gain my aim.

K.M.Mukitur Rahman(Adnan)

There always existed in my heart the feeling that education should be free and it is the right of anyone who wants to seek it, not only the rich. However the current world seems to give the right to get educated to those who are able to pay tuition fees, etc. When IOU came, that changed. Here, whether you are rich or poor, far or near, authentic Islamic Knowledge is at your fingertips. This, in turn tells you that, here at IOU, the education providers are really passionate, and you will not thrive here if you are not passionate in studying. And what I aspire for IOU is for it to include more subjects related to the material world like physics and mathematics with Islamic Aspect incorporated within. For this, I believe all of those who will graduate Insha Allah must play an important role.

Imthithou Abbas

Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu, First of all I would like to express my thanks to Shaykh Bilal Philips for his great service. May Allah bless him always. I am married and at the moment following a course on psychology.I have 2 Diplomas in English and I am a member of young Entrepreneurs Sri Lanka. I completed ordinary level and advanced level studies at school. My home town is Balangoda, Sri Lanka and am now living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I again take this opportunity to wish IOU team the best and May Allah help and bless them all always with their activities. Jazakallah.

Fathima Sinaya

Assalaam 'alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh Recently, I have completed my BE. abroad. During the study, I have watched Zaakir Naaik's video CD and attended Shaikh Yusuf Estes lectures and was impressed. After returning back, watched Peace TV and heard Dr.Bilal Philip's lectures. Later, I got a chance to join IOU, the brainchild of Dr.Bilal Philips. I have completed my first year and gain lot of knowledge. All the presentation of lectures are Islamic. English is not an Islamic subject. However, from English we learn Islam, too. I pray to Allah to increase the ability of IOU team's work. May Allah give blessing to the effort of IOU. May Allah increase our knowledge. To join this course is very simple and anyone can join from anywhere in the world with minimum charge. Therefore my advice is for brothers and sisters to join the course without delay. Jazakallah khair. Hussain Mohamed didi (Maldives) Student of IOU -

Hussain Mohamed didi

My Eventful Journey to IOU All these years, from being a student of electrical engineering, and then into my career, I always had this urge to know the true Islam. Like most of us ,I was also a confused Muslim, with meager knowledge of my deen ,so much so that during a trip to Montana,USA in 2007 ,where I got the opportunity to interact with a Re-Born Christian family, instead of influencing them towards Islam, they ended up trying to convert me to Christianity!! Reason being, that I was lacking the very basic knowledge which is necessary for us to protect and defend our beliefs, let alone convince someone else. I regret to this day that I could not convey the message to that family properly (although I did try my best in my capacity). Heavily influenced by this, and carrying this guilt, when I came back to Pakistan, I wanted to switch my field and devote my entire life to Islamic studies, but was unable to find the relevant medium. It was the summer of 2009. I had taken off from my office to pursue my MBA, being an MSc. in electrical engineering, I thought a management degree would complement my CV well, and I shall be in a better position to serve my organization and my country. I completed my extremely difficult first term of MBA, and was ready to start off with the next term, but Allah had other plans for me. Due to some personal reasons, despite trying my level best ,I could not continue with my MBA. Sitting in my home one day, dejected and dishearted, after having lost the chance of continuing with my MBA,I accidentally stumbled on an advertisement of the first ever BAIS programme to be launched by the IOU. Without a second thought, I got myself registered ,the classes started in April 2010 and the rest is all history!! It has been almost one and a half year since I joined IOU,and I must say that the whole year has been extremely eventful and a source of immense knowledge, satisfaction ,and expected reward in the hereafter (Jannah) for me. The programme is getting tougher day by day, but at the same time more enjoyable as well!! I am taking six subjects ,and each week ,one module per subject(at times two) get released, which we are required to complete in a week,and you know what that means: you are required to stick to your laptop/PC 24/7, for if you will not, you will not be able to cope with the tremendous pressure of this programme. I have two daughters, one is six and the younger one is almost three,and every other day I hear remarks like these from them “Mama carries the laptop everywhere, in the car while driving, in the kitchen while cooking…” But this is how it is, it is tough in fact it is very very tough, especially for working mothers like us who have to constantly juggle their roles between career women, homemakers, as well as super-moms. But then so is the path to paradise!! Like I said, it is tough but it is not impossible. Infact ,I have realized over the years that we humans have been given this ability of multi-tasking by our Creator Allah(SWT), it's only that we do not unleash our true potential at times. So my advice to all the brothers and sisters out there “Just Do It” And Allah shall make the path of learning knowledge easy for you. The best advice is not to waste a single second of your life,and it works at least for me, so whenever I find the time to study, be it in office,on my way to work, etc. I’m always hooked to my laptop, and of course the best time is the Tahajjud time, when everyone else is asleep. Also, try to identify where you people are wasting your time, like unnecessary socializing, shopping, phone calls, T.V., etc. Try to avoid that and you will see how you generate extra hours daily for your study. It has worked for me and it will work for you as well. I agree that it requires great effort and sacrifice, but the immense knowledge that I have gained for free over one year far outweighs those sleepless nights that I had in pursuit of this knowledge. In the end, I thank Allah for creating this opportunity for me.I also thank Dr.Bilal Philips for his dedication towards this cause and making it all possible. I thank all my teachers and TA’s who have taught me so far, it would not have been possible without your immense help and support . I pray to Allah for Dr.Bilal and all my teachers/T.As. May Allah give them bountiful rewards for their efforts. I pray to Allah that he opens our hearts to knowledge and grant us the same glory of the yester-years which we can only achieve through His help and our sincere efforts in the path of Islam. Last but not the least, during the course of my studies, I have realized that we are in dearth of dedicated and devoted female scholars, so I pray and wish that this BAIS programme churns out some of them as well, who are willing to utilize their knowledge and transfer it to other sisters. Ameen

Naeema Halim

Assalaamu Alaikum Warahamathullaahi Wabarakaathahu! Yearning to please Allah(swt) and be pleased with Allah(swt). May Allah accept from all of us. Aameen.

Salam alekom, As a new student in IOU I realize that this university is a blessing for the world, and as I always was striving to do something for Islam and I admire so much Dr.Bilal Philips, I'm looking forward to be part of the team inshaallah. Jazakom Allahu khair for being there for us! Salam alekom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu !

Waffai Cristina Beatrice

Assalamalaikum to the Muslim brothers and sisters reading this. About 6 years ago I came to Islam out of ignorance. I cannot remember the reason I came to Islam but it was not for Allah's sake. Anyway, perhaps it was because the food was good. This all happened in Bahrain. Anyway that only lasted a few months until I was back into my same old ways, shortly after this encounter I left Bahrain back to New Zealand where I started to get in trouble. However around 1 year ago this all changed for me. I was on home detention, so I started to have another look at religion, and alhumdullillah I was blessed by Allah to listen to one of Sheik Bilal Philips Youtube tapes. This is where Dr Bilal was saying that Allah is above the heavens. Not only was he saying that but there was evidence from Quran and sunnah to support this claim. So immidiately I realised that this makes the most sense, and that is when i really accepted Islam for Allah's sake only this time. I believe that if people come to Islam out of some ulterior motive they will not succeed, but if they come to Islam for the sake of Allah only, then they will be the successful insh'Allah. So I pray to Allah that those who come to Islam will do so for the sake of Allah only. And of course for people to believe in Allah properly they must know who he is first, and that he is above the throne and not everywhere in the universe as the sufis claim, because this opens the gateway for idol worship, and I am very suprised that many who call themselves Muslim that I have bumped into do not even know this Tauhid of Allah being above the throne but everywhere in hearing and seeing, etc. So subhanAllah, I hope for Allah's sake that this IOU will bring the true message of Tauhid to all who call themselves Muslims and beyond insha'Allah. So I ask Allah that he make this IOU benefit all Muslims who come to know of it, Amin.


This is a great opportunity to connect to all Muslims by establishing centers around the world. I had the opportunity of meeting Dr. Bilaal Phillips a few years ago, and I believe he is a great influence in the Muslim world. I believe that IOU is providing the service that is not available for many of us who could not attend an Islamic University or college. I have no hesitation in volunteering my service here in the United States, in terms of marketing etc. only with the University permission. Jazak Allah Khair

Imtiaz Alie

ASALAMALYKUM WAREHMATULLAH, I'm so thankful to Allah (ST) for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to learn His deen. Before joining the IOU, I was arranging Tafseer classes at my house, calling out to different teachers to teach us. I attended different lectures and many short courses to learn more about my deen. But even after years of doing this my thirst was yet to be quenched. And I kept thinking all these courses were not helping me groom myself nor were they helping me help my children. And so I prayed to Allah asking for a way to learn of Islam in the most authentic way possible. A few days later, one of my friends spoke highly of IOU. Alhumdulilah, I have completed three semesters last month.The way IOU has designed the course has been very interesting. IOU is very helpful & cooperative,I'm really enjoying this BA programme. May Allah give Dr. Bilal Phillips and his team all that they deserve. Ameen. I would like to advise everyone & anyone to join. Ramadan Kareem!

Huma Khan - Umm Khider

Asalaam Alaikum, Alhumdulliallah that I came across Islamic Online University. I have started taking courses in the diploma series and am looking forward to continuing my education in Islamic Studies. Islam is fasinating! Such a challenge to the soul, body and mind. To learn that there are angels and jinns and that we as mankind can actually do better! Draw closer to Allah and gain His pleasure. I am thankful to Allah suphanna wa talla for being able to study under Bilal Philips, as well as others. I have apprieciated the way he can clearly articulate the Oneness of Allah to the English speaking community. May Allah reward him and guide him and support his rightous Islamic endevors.

Evelyn J.Sapp

I am Tomi from the USA. I have a Masters in Engineering as well as an MBA. I recently completed my Quran memorization and had always dreamed of furthering my Islamic studies without having to give up my profession as an Engineer. I'm really glad that IOU has been able to put this program together. Insha Allah, I hope to be a part of the BA in Islamic studies program starting March 2012 and benefit others with the knowledge I learn. Jazakallahu Khairan to the IOU team!