The Trial Course


The Trial: An Islamic Approach to Afflictions and Tribulations

The Trial, a groundbreaking course by Shaykh Yosof Wanly, is an explanation of “Kitab ul Fitan” (The book of Tribulations/Afflictions) from Sahih Bukhari designed to help you understand how to wade through turbulent times in a dunya that is glittered with trials and tribulations of various kinds.

In this course, Shaykh Yosof Wanly will take you on a journey to nourish your soul and solve various confusions regarding this deen and its principles in the present circumstances.


What you will learn:


What will you get?

27 power packed sessions

Beautifully designed powerpoint presentations for your personal usage.


Why should you attend?

This course will:

This course is based on Prophetic teachings and also includes question and answer sessions to help you clear your doubts instantly.  



THE TRIAL is a course based on Imam Bukhari's Kitab Al Fitan by IOU.

Who is it presented by? Shaykh Yosof Wanly (received a specific Ijaza with Isnaad in Sahih Bukhari)

What is my investment? ONLY $75

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