YL360: 360 Degree Young Leaders Development Program

YL360 is a comprehensive program aimed at taking you through a transformational journey that is filled with self reflection, application and improvement both in the duniya and akhira.

Why YL360?

To take pride in our glorious Islamic history and empower you to be leaders of tomorrow by focusing on self transformation based on Islamic principles as well as equip you with the tools to be productive Muslims and leaders in your communities.


The following components will be covered over a period of 4 months:


The course will consist of recordings and few live sessions that will be released weekly over a period of 4 months bee idn Illah. Since this course is designed to transform you, it cannot be accomplished by passive listening. The following techniques will be used to maximize your learning:

Who ?

In our first session launched in Jan 2014, over 2000 participants registered with ages ranging from 12 to 45. So as long as you have a passion to improve yourself and make an impact in the ummah, you are welcome to attend. Our only condition is that you give it your 100% and complete all the sessions and activities

When ?

The course was launched in collaboration with Islamic Online University in Jan 2015. We are delighted to re-launch the course with improvements and a few new sessions. The program will run from Jan 2016 to Mar 2016 and time will be provided till May 2016 to complete the community service project.

Based on ATD (Association for Talent Development) standards!

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