B.Sc. in Psychology (BSc.PSY)

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Vision Statement

The Department of Psychology seeks to be an international front-runner in the provision of undergraduate and postgraduate education in psychological sciences. Our aspiration is to strengthen the theory and practice of psychological sciences at international levels through our innovative curriculum, scholarly contributions, and our rigorous preparation of reflective and critical thinkers, and practitioners.

Mission Statement

In accordance with the mission of the University, the Department of Psychology provides an enriched learning environment with a commitment to excellence in undergraduate and post-graduate psychological studies. The graduates of the University are expected to have the necessary knowledge, competence and ethical values committed to psychology and its application to real-world situations. Our educational programme provides a foundation for the scientific understanding of behaviour and human experiences by collaborative learning and scholarship among its undergraduates and guided by the core values of the University. Our psychology programme provides students with the education needed to enter a variety of careers or to pursue post graduate studies in psychology or related fields.

Department Values

We aim to promote intellectual excellence by maintaining high academic standards for undergraduate and post-graduate students. We expect the Department to be dedicated to exceptional helping, teaching, coaching and mentoring and support the dissemination of research. We aim to promote diversity of viewpoints and experiences and treat all individuals with dignity and respect. We aim to maintain an enriched and collaborative learning environment designed to enhance an individual’s personal and professional development.

Helping others is very much encouraged in Islam and the work of therapist or counsellor is very beneficial to the whole society.

“…and he who relieved a Muslim from hardship Allah would relieve him from the hardships to which he would be put on the Day of Resurrection…” (Sahih Muslim, 32/6250)

In order for the therapist or counsellor to be successful with Muslim clients, it is crucial that he has an authentic knowledge and understanding of Islamic teachings, because this is what he will further pass on to the client in order to modify his way of thinking and help him out of difficult situation. IOU’s BSc in Psychology is a wonderful combination of Islamic teachings and contemporary therapies that will make a student one day a very effective therapist. In sha Allah.

“Whoever does righteousness, whether male or female, while he is a believer – We will surely cause him to live a good life, and We will surely give them their reward [in the Hereafter] according to the best of what they used to do.” (Qur’an, 16:97)

Aims of the Degree Program

The B.Sc. degree program aims to educate students in a systematic, scientific study about human behaviours and experiences, and develop their ability to evaluate critical theories and evidence in the psychological and human sciences. In addition, the program aims to develop the students’ practical skills to enable them for further training in academic psychology and research or pursue careers in a number of areas of employment.


Course Overview

AQD 101 Aqeedah 101
ETH 102 Fiqh 102
TAF 101 Tafseer 101
PSY 101 Islamic Psychology 101
PSY 102 Islamic Counselling
PSY 103 Child PsychologY
PSY 104 Perspectives on Psychology
FQH 201 Fiqh III (Mu'aamalaat I)
RMY 101 Research Methodology
FQH 202 Fiqh IV (Mu'aamalaat II)
PSY 202 Psychology of Personality
CVN 101 Islamic Civilization
FQH 101 Fiqh 101
AQD 102 Aqeedah II (Asmaa was Sifaat)
HAD 102 Hadeeth 102
PSY 206 Health Psychology
PSY 302 Abnormal Psychology
FQH 302 Fiqh VI (Maxims & Maqaasid)
PSY 301 Social Psychology & Human Relations
AQD 201 Aqeedah III (Tahaawiyyah)
ARB 101 Arabic 101
FQH 301 Fiqh 301
EDU 105 Professional Development
PSY 201 Lifespan Developmental Psychology
ARB 102 Arabic 102 (Prerequisite: Arabic 101)
TAF 202 Tafseer 202
AQD 401 Aqeedah 401
PSY 105 Psychology of Adolescence
PSY 401 Family Dynamics and Therapy
PSY 402 Client-Centred Therapy
ENG 101 History and Development of Islamic Psychology
EDU 201 Psychology of Education
EDU 206 Guidance and Counselling
PSY 205 Stress and Coping
PSY 403 Psychological Testing and Assessment
PSY 403 Models and Approaches to Disability
ETH 101 Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge 101
ENG 102 Islamic Counselling II
EDU 403 Psychological Controversies in Teaching
PSY 405 Research Methodology and Statistic
PSY 501 Biological Bases of Behaviour
PSY 601 Work and Organisational Psychology
PSY 207 Psychology of Human Communication
PSY 502 Cognitive Behavioural Approaches on Mood Disorders
PSY 406 Cognitive Psychology
PSY 204 Addictive Behaviours
PSY 406 BSc Psychology Thesis

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